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Obtaining a full motorcycle licence offers numerous benefits, enhancing both the riding experience and overall safety. Here are eight key benefits of holding a full motorcycle licence:

Expanded Riding Options: With a full motorcycle licence, you can ride any size and type of motorcycle, from lightweight scooters to high-powered sports bikes. This freedom allows you to choose a motorcycle that best suits your needs and preferences.

Increased Safety: The process of obtaining a full licence involves comprehensive training and testing, which ensures you have the necessary skills and knowledge to ride safely. This training includes advanced riding techniques, hazard perception, and road safety awareness.

Reduced Insurance Costs: Many insurance companies offer lower premiums to riders with a full motorcycle licence. This is because a full licence demonstrates a higher level of competence and responsibility, reducing the risk of accidents.

Greater Commuting Flexibility: A motorcycle can significantly cut down commuting time, especially in urban areas with heavy traffic. With a full licence, you can take advantage of the motorcycle's manoeuvrability and quicker travel times.

Enhanced Enjoyment: Riding a motorcycle offers a sense of freedom and adventure that is unmatched by other forms of transport. A full licence allows you to explore this enjoyment to its fullest extent, whether on long-distance tours or weekend rides.

Economic Benefits: Motorcycles are generally more fuel-efficient than cars, which means lower running costs. Additionally, they often have lower maintenance costs and road taxes. A full licence enables you to benefit from these economic advantages.

Access to Advanced Rider Training: With a full licence, you are eligible to take advanced rider training courses, such as those offered by us, the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS).

Legal Freedom and Compliance: A full motorcycle licence ensures you are fully compliant with UK laws and regulations, avoiding the restrictions and limitations that come with provisional or CBT. This legal freedom allows you to ride confidently without worrying about potential legal issues.
Adam PASSED Mod2 with only 1 minor, a huge Congratulations on this achievement, you deserve it!

Call us to make your booking 02036918807 or Book online: www.universalmct.co.uk/online-booking/ 
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