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CBT Renewal

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If your CBT certificate is still valid, or expired within 6 months, then you can book onto one of our CBT renewal courses. Whilst, we’ll still cover everything that needs to be done, we’ll endeavour to only have other people on your course in a similar position, i.e. other people renewing their CBT which makes the day go a lot quicker! Otherwise, we will allocate you to the first Road Ride, wherever possible, which will have the same effect= faster.


In order to book onto one of these CBT courses you will need to book in advance, ideally you should book about 4 weeks prior to when your old CBT certificate expires in order to get it renewed before it runs out.


CBT is not merely a formality. Most CBT riders, due to lack of extensive training and or experience, are riding unsafe. There is sufficient evidence to back this up. Just look at the accident rates released by the Department of Transport (DfT) involving riders, particularly, novices and CBT riders.


At Universal Motorcycle Training in London, we emphasise on safety. Alongside, exceptional customer service, we have safety at the centre of everything that we do. All our instructors are DVSA Qualified Motorcycle Trainers, and most of our instructors are also Advanced Trainers, able to teach Advanced Riding Techniques. Book your CBT Renewal with us, we are 100% sure that you will never regret it. Don’t just take our word for it, read our clients reviews and see it for yourself.


£175 (Weekday) – £175 (Weekend) – your bike

If you choose to do the training on your own bike, you must be able to bring on the day:

* Insurance documentation for your bike
* Valid DL196 (CBT) Certificate
* MOT Certificate (if applicable)
* Ensure that your bike has a valid road tax
* Ensure that your bike displays “L Plates” (not needed if you are doing Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) course)
* Ensure that your bike is roadworthy


£175 (Weekday) – £175 (Weekend) – our bike


You must have & bring with you, your current (or expired within 3 months) CBT certificate
**Online booking required**

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Emails us: contact@universalmct.co.uk