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A1 Licence

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Are you 19 years old or over and want to get you motorcycle riding licence? The A1 is a estricted full bike licence entitling you to ride a motorcycle or a scooter up to 125cc (up to 11 BHP). After completing your CBT, your training continues and once you are proficient enough, you progress onto a 125cc motorcycle or a scooter, whichever you prefer, which you will take your tests on.

You will need to have a valid theory test certificate and if you don’t already hold a valid CBT certificate you will need to complete a CBT first. The theory can be arranged by calling the DSA on 0300 200 1122 or by visiting this link. Your upgrade to a 125cc motorcycle will depend on your experience.

A1 Licence

A1At Universal Motorcycle Training we offer a free assessment of your riding skills. The amount of training needed to progress you to test standard is advised by your trainer. We will then discuss your training requirements as a rider and offer the best package to meet the required skill level to take your test.

You can take C.B.T. followed by both modules within consecutive days, or split your days to suit, i.e. take C.B.T. and Module 1 initially to be followed later by Module 2.

We are totally flexible and can arrange your course to suit you. As the course fee is charged at a daily rate you can choose your options. Our experienced office staff will help you with booking your course. With many years of experience we are specialists in tailoring training requirements to your needs.

Not sure about the A1 licence?

If you are unsure which course is for you take just CBT and see how you get on.

A typical course for experienced riders would be spread over two or three days. i.e. CBT followed by Mod 1 training and test and finally Mod 2 training and test.

Novices and less experienced people will need to add extra training days to suit.

The practical test is in two parts, Module 1 and Module 2. You have to complete them in order, (so you need to pass Module 1 first)

What to know more about our A1 licence course? Click here and read full informations about the course

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