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    Would you like to master riding a motorcycle at your optimum level?

    Would you like to further improve your skills and or confidence?

    Would you like to get cheaper insurance?

    A good rider never stops learning. If you’re already an experienced motorcyclist, and a full UK Motorcycle Licence holder, advanced rider training can teach you to become even better.

    The BMF Blue Riband rider award is an advanced riding (advanced motorcycle training) course designed to help competent, experienced motorcyclists reach their true potential. BMF’s training will help reduce errors in your riding, enhance your handling skills and enable you to identify your strengths and weaknesses on the road. The course teaches you how to be more in control of your motorcycle, while giving you vital skills to anticipate and control situations, reducing your risk of accidents.

    You’ll ride better and safer, without losing any of the enjoyment.





    The BMF Blue Riband is delivered on a one-to-one basis by fully trained and qualified advanced motorcycle instructors. These BMF-certified instructors will guide you in improving your observation, planning and control in a positive, relaxed and friendly manner.

    Our suggested route to become a qualified advanced motorcyclist:


    Step 1: If you are not familiar with the UK Advanced Riding Literature, I would advise you to study on the concepts outlined in the “Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider’s Handbook”, and then try to practice some of the concepts by yourself for a few days/weeks.

    To get a copy of the “Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider’s Handbook”, please click on the following link:
    Click here

    We also advise you to revisit the core parts of the UK Highway Code
    Please click on the following link to access the Highway Code:
    Click here

    We also advise you to read the The Official DVSA Guide to Riding – The Essential Skills book:
    To get a copy of the “The Official DVSA Guide to Riding – The Essential Skills book”, please click on the following link:
    Click here


    Step 2: Take the DVSA Enhanced Riding Scheme (ERS) Course and achieve an “A” Grade (Gold equivalent) before moving on to either RoSPA or BMF Advanced Motorcycle Riding training and then qualifications. Please note that you may need more than one (often several) DVSA Enhanced Riding Scheme (ERS) sessions before achieving an “A” Grade (Gold equivalent.

    Please find information about the DVSA Enhanced Riding Scheme (ERS) below:

    To book a DVSA Enhanced Riding Scheme (ERS) session, please click here


    Step 3: Obtain training and attain an Advanced Riding Qualification through RoSPA or BMF

    Please find information about the Blue Riband training/qualification below:

    BMF Blue Riband Course Details:

    The Blue Riband advanced riding course is held over a day and a half.

    The first day commences with a short discussion about the various techniques you will practice. This is followed by theory, demonstration rides and practical training. The day is divided into sections, with numerous comfort breaks where candidates are actively encouraged to discuss the training so far. The finish time will be dependent on the candidate’s progress, weather and enthusiasm!

    Providing you have reached the required standard by the end of the first day, you will then be able to take the Blue Riband rider award assessment. This will take place as soon as possible – usually the next day.

    Alternative timetable: For a less intense approach to the course, there is the option to separate your practical riding into multiple sessions. You can do these at times convenient to yourself and your instructor.

    “All the training staff I met were very professional and extremely helpful, with a wealth of experience. Well recommended.” Ian Paice


    The assessment usually takes between one and one-and-a-half hours and is conducted by a different instructor. You will be assessed on your machine control, information gathering, judgment, junctions, psychology and road craft.

    What you will receive

    At the end of your assessment, you will receive a written report on your performance. If you are successful in passing the advanced riding course, you will receive a certificate, pin badge, bike sticker, wallet card, completed assessment report form and full membership to the BMF for 12 months.

    Your BMF Blue Riband rider award will be valid for three years from your date of achievement.

    BMF Blue Riband pin badge

    “Amazing how much you can learn from the right instructor.” Derek May

    Course requirements

    The BMF Blue Riband course is designed for motorcyclists who have already mastered the basics of riding. You should have held a full motorcycle A Licence for at least six months.

    Machine: The Blue Riband course is quite intensive – you and your motorcycle must be capable of coping with the speed and distances involved. Be expected to travel about 150-180 miles. You should be familiar with your machine as some of the techniques may be new to you.

    Your motorcycle should have a power output of 33bhp (25KW) or more. It should also be able to maintain progress at the national speed limit both on A-roads and motorways, and be able to overtake quickly when required. Any machine provided by the candidate must undergo a pre-course examination to ensure it is legal and roadworthy.

    Reading: To achieve a high pass grade, it is highly recommended that you spend time studying the current issue of Motorcycle Road Craft: The Police Rider’s Handbook and The Highway Code. We also recommend you read The Official DVSA Guide to Riding: Essential Skills for Motorcyclists.


    Book your training today

    To unleash your potential as a motorcyclist, book now by calling 0203 691 8807 or click here.

    Only fully trained and current BMF-certificated instructors are recognised by the BMF to offer Blue Riband training.

    The cost of the award is approximately £380 in London/Hertfordshire. Please note that prices may vary from region to region.

    For an assessment only, the price is £80.

    To book please visit the following link: click here

    To find out more about the Blue Riband Course,please email us on contact@universalmct.co.uk

    “The Blue Riband advanced course is highly recommended. I would advise anyone who wants to improve their riding to do this course.” James Hodges