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CBT Complete: What’s Next?

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So you’ve just completed your CBT Training? Firstly congratulations on taking the first step to getting on two wheels and welcome to the moto community.


So what’s next from here?


We’d always recommend taking your time and getting used to riding your 50-125cc for at least a few months before moving onto bigger things. You will learn to find your feet as a rider and it’s a vital chance to practice everything you’ve learnt from your instructor on your CBT in real world situations.

If you wish to stay on your current licence that’s absolutely fine and there’s a whole world of fun you can have out there. It is worth noting that a CBT certificate does expire after two years so you will need to book in another course and get a fresh certificate.


If, like many of us, you’ve fallen in love with the motorcycle world and you want to pursue your Full Licence then there are a few steps you need to take in order to get there. As you’ve already got a valid CBT you will need to complete a Motorcycle Theory Test. This is similar to the theory test you will take when getting a car licence but it’s specifically designed around motorcycles and is made up of a theory and a hazard perception test. This will take place at a government test centre, you can find your nearest one here.


Once you’ve completed these two steps you’re halfway there. Next up you need to book in some training to get you prepared for your Module 1 and Module 2 tests. Module 1 takes place at a test center and will involve you demonstrating various manoeuvres in front of an assessor. Module 2 is the road ride where you will be assessed on your ability to ride independently on the road in real world situations.


Once you have completed all of the above you will have your full motorcycle licence. Though it should be noted that your age will dictate what size motorcycle you will be able to ride. Read more on licenses and motorcycles here.


Now you’ve got your full motorcycle licence you’re able to take part in the very best that motorcycling has to offer. Whether that’s track days, off road adventures or tours around the world… The possibilities are endless.

One thing we will always recommend to make you a better rider are Advanced Rider Courses. There are a few to choose from and come in a variety of price ranges but it’s worth checking out the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme as well as Bike Safe which is a Police run initiative to help riders gain skills and confidence on the road.


There is an amazing community of bikers out there so don’t be afraid to go and make some friends. Whether you’re into chops and cruisers or adventure riding you can be sure you will find some like minded people out there to ride with.