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The first bike is always the best

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The First Bike Is Always The Best

By Talent.W

Buying a motorcycle is certainly a very special experience. You should be making sure that you are doing your bit to make sure that only the best motorcycle comes your way. Your first scooter or motorcycle will be one of the amazing purchases you will ever make. However, you need to be extra careful as a first time buyer. Most of the people fail to understand the fact that they need to pay attention to every little detail about their machine in order to become a perfect rider. Imagine buying a really high end model of Ducati when you have just started to learn. It is almost like expecting a child to drive a train. It is definitely going to be thrilling for the first two seconds, after which the joy ride becomes a nightmare for most of the riders.

This is the reason why you should be very careful about buying your first motorcycle. As a first timer, you don’t really know the small nit-picks about motorbikes. However, there is basically nothing wrong in this. You are not expected to know it all. However, familiarizing yourself with a few details about the kind of motorbike that would suit you is better. You can learn the basics with ease. All you have to do is focus on getting a motorbike that you really love to ride, instead of the one that everyone else is buying. Before we could move on to the details, we want you to familiarize yourself with the very concept of buying your first motorbike. Take a look.

The basic rules of buying your first motorcycle/scooter or moped

  • It is better to start small…

On most of the occasions, you will try to search for the best bikes in London. You would also check out the list of the bikes that have won the most awards and so on. The approach is wrong here. You cannot buy a 1000cc heavy duty monster right away. It would be making it difficult to learn. Even some of the best motorcycle riders use these bikes sparingly and very carefully because they do not want to hurt anyone, or themselves. You must start with entry level bikes first and then graduate to the higher end makes. In this way, you will keep enjoying your excellent motor biking experience with ease. Bigger bikes need more experienced riders. Make sure that you earn that experience before you buy a new bike for yourself. Begin with a low performance standards bike first. When you become more experienced, you can jump to 1000+cc bikes as well. But not right in the beginning.

  • Understand your need for buying a motorcycle

Anyone can get impressed with a motorcycle that they saw during a music fest. Of course, those motorbikes look great and you really wish to buy them. You might want a motorbike for regular transport. Some others want motorbikes that can take them to the outskirts of London, while some other want super powerful sports motorbikes. There are many people who do not like stock manufactured products and get a customized bike made for themselves. Therefore, before you choose a bike, make sure that you understand your need first. You may want a street bike, a sports bike or even the long haul cruiser bikes. The need would decide the category of bikes you should be looking for. So make sure that you define the category of bikes that you want and then move ahead with anything else. If you feel like 0-60 in less than 4 seconds is your thing, then buying a cruiser bike will never be your choice.

  • Check out the availability

You already know what ‘type’ of motorcycle you want to buy. Now, you simply need to look around and match your criteria with different motorbikes. Every motorcycle is different. A 600cc motorcycle from one brand can be completely different from a 600cc motorcycle from some other brand. Therefore, take your time and research about all the options that can be available to you. Though you will be getting a very wide variety to choose from, there could be times when the availability of a bike in London can become an issue. Some machines are available only in specific regions of the world and no matter how perfectly they match your criteria, it might never be a good idea to import them all the way to London. So be patient with your buying and look for what can be readily available to you. Some bikes come with a low power standard but their blast ability is fantastic. So check out everything that suits you and everything that can be available to you.

  • Don’t forget to buy a bike according to your body type

While you are out on the roads, your bike is going to be an extension of your own body. Therefore, you should be making sure that it is a perfect fit. Ergonomic suitability is really important when it comes to a motorcycle. You cannot expect the same comfort from a moped as you expect from a scooter. So be careful about this feature. Some bikes have very high seats and they could be difficult to balance (a strict no-no for beginners). Some others have balanced center of gravity which can be managed with ease. Cruiser bikes generally have lower seats so that you can drive them for long distances with ease. You will have to take a test ride in order to check whether the bike really suits your body type or not.

  • Check whether you want a new bike or a used bike

A new bike will always cost you more but they usually come with a good warranty. If you make any mistakes while riding and get an occasional dent or scratch, the guilt will be high but the costs will likely be covered. However, when you buy an older motorcycle, the initial costs can be low. The operational costs, however, can rise up with time. Therefore, you will have to make sure that you are buying something that does not need as much maintenance. Remember, there are no warranties involved here. It would be a good idea to start with a moderately used motorcycle as a beginner or while you are undergoing motorcycle training London. When you feel more comfortable in riding, you can always shift to the newer bikes.

  • Consider the extras as well

When you are buying a motorcycle, scooter or moped for yourself, you definitely have to pay a considerable rate of insurance for it. Of course, insurance is not going to come cheap as chips. So selecting a good motorcycle also means selecting the cheapest possible insurance for your motorcycle. You should also be making sure that you are investing in things such as helmets, safety gears, gloves etc. They may appear to be small expenses but they also mean a lot in making your motorcycling experiences better. As a beginner, you must never underestimate the value of these things.

The most common issue to resolve- geared or automatic bike?

The most common issue that people face when they opt for CBT course Edgware is choosing the bike that will make them pass the test. Let us first tell you that CBT is simply a Compulsory Basic Training. Even if you never sat on a bike before, you can be a part of this program. This is not a test that you need to pass or fail. So, first get rid of these apprehensions. Secondly, you can choose any bike for the CBT course Edgware. As a beginner, it will be easier for you to choose the automatic bikes as they are easier to maneuver and control. The geared bikes will need more efforts from your side and you will have to work your way towards shifting the gears of your bike according to the speed and the surface you are driving. This is not a difficult thing to learn. You might just take a few more days to understand the gear system and use it.

There are a few more things that you should understand before choosing a bike. In general, it would be better for you to understand the manual geared biking as well. This is more of a skill that every biker must learn. You can do so after your initial Compulsory Basic Training is over as part of a Gear Conversion Course. The automatic gearbox bikes often cost more and you will definitely have to think about costlier maintenance as well. However, they are a breeze to drive and you don’t have to fret much about shifting gears in your motorcycles anymore. As a beginner, you have to make a choice for yourself. Both the options are great and you should definitely make sure that you know how to drive them both. Be careful when it comes to cruiser bikes. They may come with manual gears only.

The New vs. Used Dilemma

Buying a motorcycle has never been a difficult task for most of us. However, making sure that you are buying a bike that is useful enough for you will definitely help you a lot. As a stark beginner, an old bike can always turn out to be a better option, simply because you will not get a heartache each time you see a dent or scratch on these bikes. They will also be a smaller investment for the beginners and if there are maintained well, then the high operational costs can be avoided too. The new bikes comes with a lot of advantages. You will get a completely new machine to drive that is also covered under a warranty for damage. However, if you are not careful, then get ready for a mini heart attack. We would always advise you to get started with an older bike first. When you feel confident enough, opt for a new build. That shall be really helpful for you.

In case you want to buy a new scooter, moped or motorcycle, then you must look for the authorized dealers of these motorcycles in your area. There are many manufacturer’s dealerships where you can buy from. In case you wish to buy used motorcycles, then GumTree and EBay will be good places to buy. You can also buy on Auto Trader. Additionally, if there is someone you know personally who would like to sell his motorbike, then you can go ahead with that purchase as well.

Is the brand everything you need to focus on?

While you go to buy your first scooter, motorcycle or moped, you want to make sure that you are buying something that is as powerful as it is learner friendly. In such cases, you get to make another choice i.e. the choices between established brands and the lesser-known brands. The biggest brands that are making bikes for you are Piaggio, Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda. Some lesser known brands include Lexmoto, Sym and Direct Bikes. It might not be difficult for you to make a choice if you have already decided on the brand that you wish to choose. However, if you are facing a dilemma, then we suggest you to opt for the bikes that give you more quality and those that are reliable as well. Here is a small comparison between the two:

Established Brands: quite reliable in terms of performance and quality. However, the price could be intimidating as most of the top brands are imported. Finding the parts from the dealers is also not difficult, but the prices could again be quite high. However, they provide you more customer support and are generally quite well known for the quality of even the spare parts they provide. They boast of innovative designs and new technology even in the beginner bikes so that you can get the best that the industry has to offer.

Lesser known Brands: though they are great in terms of parts availability and prices, they do not have as great technologies as the more established brands. However, pricing can definitely make you get attracted towards the motorcycles that they have to offer. You will find a number of such motorcycles at the spaces offering motorcycle training London. They are fairly reliable as well and you definitely get a lot of value for your money.

As a matter of fact, buying a beginner friendly motorbike from some of the lesser known brands at a smaller price will always be an advantage for you.

Following the tips given above, you would be making sure that you buy the best motorcycle for you. Remember, biking is a passion and you need to follow it from the bottom of your heart.