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Gear Conversion – From Automatic to Manual Bike

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A1We work with many riders that have completed their CBT course on an automatic bike and are keen to try out a manual bike—also known as a geared bike. We also help riders that found that learning to ride a manual bike was too much for them, and therefore settled on trying out an automatic bike to prepare them for the next step of riding a manual bike.
Whatever your reason for not having ridden a manual bike or wanting to learn how to ride a manual bike, we can help. We offer a gear conversion course that works as a simple step up the ladder in learning safe riding of motorbikes and mopeds.

Our gear conversion course is very similar to our CBT in the way that the basics are covered on site with professional motorcycle training instructors before you take to the roads to gain real road experience, with the support of your professional motorcycle training instructor via radio communication.


Your CBT does not differentiate between automatic bikes and manual bikes so our gear conversion class is a fun, safe and enjoyable way to upgrade to a manual bike with confidence, while ensuring you still practice safe riding. It is a personalised course for those that have already completed their CBT, but now want to ride a manual bike. The course can be designed and tailor-made to suit the riders’ skills and learning pace.

The gear conversion course is usually completed in 2 to 4 hours of professional motorcycle training if the trainee has a fair amount of experience riding an automatic bike. We understand that every biker learns at a different level, in different ways and at a different speed; this is why we offer bespoke and personalised professional motorcycle training.

CBT and gear conversion

Why not call us now to book yourself a space on our gear conversion course so you can learn how to ride a manual bike, as well as an automatic bike? It is our job to teach you safe driving, but the more focused you are, the quicker the professional motorcycle training will be for your gear conversion course.

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