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Motorcycle Safety Equipment: Never Forget to Use It!

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Riding a motorcycle is fun for many people, and perhaps you’re one of those who have just received their motorcycle certification.

But there is something you definitely need to remember before getting out there on the London roads: your health and safety equipment. This isn’t just about having cool-looking gear, though the designs on the safety equipment you choose doesn’t necessarily have to look dull and boring, either.

Ride your Motorcycle Safely

If you’re not quite sure which gear to purchase and use, here are a few essentials you absolutely must have in order to ride your motorcycle safely:

1) Proper Tires. Believe it or not, you absolutely must have the right sort of tires to go riding about London, especially since rain is a common occurrence, and you can have mishap after mishap if your tires are not suitable. Properly inflating your tires to the correct pressure is also paramount as is making sure your tires are warmed up in the winter, if you choose to ride around in the colder months.

2) Helmet. A helmet is an absolute must. Yes, it is true, many American movies show people riding without them, but those types are the ones to ignore. If you wish to ride safely, let alone legally, a helmet is required. An anti-fog visor is necessary, especially in the winter. If you’re not sure which helmet to get, however, the company that helped you get your certification can assist.

3motorcycle) Gloves. They aren’t just for keeping your hands warm in the winter. Riding gloves can help prevent unnecessary injury as well. You’re also going to be gripping the handlebar grips, which can be rough. Gloves put a layer of protection between you and rough grips.

4) Jackets. Leather riding jackets not only look cool, they give your body protection in the event of an accident. Also, in the winter, choose jackets that will help wick away moisture, if you choose to ride at this time of year.

5) Trousers. Proper riding pants—usually leather—are another form of protection against extensive injury. Leather is a common material in this case, and can put a barrier between you and the road in case of a collision.

Motorcycle Equipment

Again, if you are unsure of which equipment to get, or which might be the best brand for your budget, the place that helped you earn your certification will likely be of great assistance, helping you stay safe well beyond your first days on your motorcycle.

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