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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Motorcycle Safety Equipment: Never Forget to Use It!

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There is something you definitely need to remember before getting out there on the London roads: your health and safety equipment.

Licence: Choose a Professional Motorcycle Training Company

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In order to ride a motorcycle in the UK, completing the CBT, or compulsory basic training is absolutely necessary to get your full motorcycle licence. But choosing a professional motorcycle training company can be a bit daunting as there are close to 500 companies that offer such training.

Motorcycle Safety: Winter

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Riding a motorcycle is fun for many folks, and many do not limit their ride time to the summer, spring or fall. In fact, a motorbike may be their chief mode of transportation to and from their workplace, year round. Either they do not have an operable enclosed vehicle, or they prefer to save money […]

CBT: A Quick Guide

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Before you take to the road on a motorbike, especially in Britain, taking CBT, or compulsory basic training is a must. Just as you would receive driver training with a car, you especially need to complete a bike training course complete with theory and experience.