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Licence: Choose a Professional Motorcycle Training Company

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In order to ride a motorcycle in the UK, completing the CBT, or compulsory basic training is absolutely necessary to get your full motorcycle licence. But choosing a professional motorcycle training company can be a bit daunting as there are close to 500 companies that offer such training.

Why Choose a Professional Company for getting your licence?

licenceChoosing a professional motorcycle training company will not only give you access to experienced instructors who will help you learn the rules of the road and get your licence, but some will give you a free assessment of your riding skills.

The best training company will also be certified for teaching the CBT, and that professional-level infrastructure will give you what you need in order to pass to get your licence.

“But why would I need an assessment of my riding skills anyway?” you ask.

Again, in order to pass the CBT, you need to have a strong grasp of the rules of the road, and it also helps to have had some sort of riding experience, even if it’s just on a scooter. Having a free assessment of your skills not only gives you a chance to see what kind of improvements you need to make, but also the fact that certain companies offer it for free helps you out in the wallet department, especially if your finances are already pretty stretched out.

A free assessment of your skills might also give you the chance to see if it’s a team of instructors you can get along with. After all, personality clashes happen, and if you are a nervous rider, the best instructors for you will know how to put you at ease and help you build confidence as you learn.

That said, when you begin your CBT, the best instructors are also those who can also deliver information in the clearest way possible in the shortest amount of time, as the course only usually lasts one or two days, allowing for inclement weather, should it arise. Depending on the company, they might also likely offer student discounts on gear.

Professional Company for getting your licence

Going to a professional motorcycle training company to begin and complete the CBT will not only ensure that you get the best training possible, the really good ones will offer skill assessment for free and help you feel at ease with learning to ride safely and successfully. You owe it to yourself and your future on the road as a motorcycle rider with a licence.

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