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Complete a Gear Conversion Course To Ride a Manual Bike

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If you already have a full automatic license for a motorcycle, a CBT, or ride a scooter, and you are keen to progress on to learning to ride a manual (geared) motorcycle of 125cc, then our Gear Conversion Course is for you. Our fully-qualified professional instructors can teach you safe riding through a gear conversion course to help you to safely ride a manual bike.

Our gear conversion course is ideal for those riders who have only completed their CBT course on an automatic bike, and now would like to ride a manual bike; or those riders who found that learning to ride a a control manual bike was too much for them, and they chose to learn how to ride an automatic bike instead, but now feel ready to upgrade to a manual bike.

Through our gear conversion course, we can help you, whatever your reason for wanting to learn how to ride a geared bike .

Our gear conversion course will provide you with the basic skills for riding. The gear conversion course will entail professional instruction on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis, through slow control riding and onsite training before heading off site for a road ride.

A gear conversion course will normally take 3-4 hours and will depend on the speed of the learner and their existing riding skills. Our professional instructors will never rush your motorcycle training because we alwaysto ensure safe riding for all our the learners rider. All riders are different and will take different lengths of time to learn. Thereforen our professional instructors understand the importance of not rushing learners to finish the course.

They are highly skilled in teaching safe riding to riders of all skills and abilities. Our professional instructors will design a tailor-made gear conversion course to suit the learner rider’s skills and learning pace.

Completion of the gear conversion course will feel very similar to your CBT in the way that the basics of the control manual bike riding are covered on site before taking to the road with one of our professional instructors via radio communications between the professional instructor and the rider.

Why not complete your gear conversion course with our professional instructors, to help you ride a manual bike?

Each gear conversion course is completed by our professional instructors in a fun, safe and enjoyable way. Our professional instructors will create a personalised course to suit your needs for optimum safe riding of a manual bike, helping you progress to a full licence course.

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