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Safe Riding In The Rain

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Just because the rain is here it doesn’t mean you need to leave the bike parked in the garage. Wet weather shouldn’t stop the fun and if you understand safe riding in the rain, there should be nothing to stop you from getting out there on the open road on your bike.

Of course riding in the rain does mean that your safety needs to be considered more carefully and you may need to have a think about what you learnt in your motorcycle training sessions. Although with time and practice of safe riding in the wet weather, you will soon become a well trained rider of all weathers.

When you are riding in the rain, you need to make sure you wear the right clothes or it won’t be enjoyable at all. Aim for a waterproof rain suit, some gloves and boots as a minimum, otherwise your underclothes will get soaked through within minutes and you’ll be cold and wet all day. A clear shield on your helmet is also essential, especially in the colder and wetter months.  Therefore, before purchasing, double check if your helmet visor offers anti-fog, a breath guard or even a defrost function because you will need to have the best view through the visor as you possibly can. Make sure you have the correct and proper motorcycle tyres too.

When riding in wet conditions you will also need to look at the way you handle your bike in the wet weather; for example your throttle adjustments will need to be smooth and you will need to think about making small increments and using less weight to lean off too. The last thing you want to do when riding in wet weather is to force the brake lever so try and avoid that at all costs to ensure safe riding in wet roads.

You will need to be careful in all areas where cars come to a stop as these areas can often result in oil being on the ground and this is less easy to spot in the rain or wet weather. To avoid slips on oil try and slow down in these areas. Also make sure you leave more of a stopping gap for vehicles and bikes around you as roads are slippery when wet. Remember your motorcycle training and double the stopping distance you were taught, while keeping an eye on the cars behind you for cars that could slide into you when you stop if they are approaching too quickly.

As much as you may be a well trained rider, you have the proper motorcycle tyres and you have completed your motorcycle training with flying colours, you may sometimes forget the obvious so we are going to share it with you now, just in case. When riding in wet weather continually ride in the driest area of the road for ultimate safety.


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