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Universal Motorcycle Training – CBT Course For Riding Safely

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The Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course is an obligatory course for those who want to ride a moped or motorcycle under 125cc; it also the first step to attain a full UK motorcycle licence. The course will teach you safe road riding skills, along with a basic understanding of the theory of riding, which are the foundation of safe and confident riding on public road. You will also have the chance to gain as much valuable experience as you can, even before completing your Compulsory Basic Training course, through our optional Introduction to Motorcycle (ITM) lessons, and Private Motorcycling tuition.

All of our professional instructors run CBT courses that are ideal for any level of riding, and the teaching of safe riding is of utmost importance. Each professional instructor that works for us is an experienced motorcyclist and will be able to give you valuable and practical riding techniques and advice that will help you learn as much as possible throughout the Compulsory Basic Training courses.

For many learners, the Compulsory Basic Training courses will take no longer than a day, but if you are not ready at the end of the CBT course, you will have a chance to practice more in order to gain confidence on the road and showing safe riding skills.

Our CBT courses are made up of five elements starting with the Introduction to CBT. This element will help riders understand that purpose of the CBT course and what to expect, as well as the importance of helmets, the protective clothing, eyesight check, licensing regulations and any other legal requirements riders must abide by.

The second element covers the practical on-site training part of the CBT course, this is where beginners will learn how to use the controls of a motorbike, how to complete safety checks on the motorbike or moped, how to use the stand, wheel the motorbike and how to start and stop the engine of the motorbike or moped.

During the third element of our CBT courses, beginners will learn safe riding techniques, including how to ride in a straight line; how to stop riding slowly (controlled stop); how to change the gears; how to use their brakes, emergency stop, and develop steering and balancing skills while riding.

The fourth element will cover the practical on road driving, which is a theory based session for beginners. This element covers some elements of the Highway Code, how our riders can stay safe by abiding the legal requirements along with positive attitude, and road positioning.

The fifth element of our CBT courses allows beginners at least 2 hours of safe riding on the road and assesses how they deal with different situations and potential hazards. This is a chance for our beginners to show our instructors they are confident in practicing safe riding, if the instructor has concerns, the beginner’s session could be extended for additional safe riding and practice sessions.