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Universal Motorcycle Training – How an ERS Can Get Your Motorcycle Insurance Reduced

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When you pass your motorcycle training it’s only normal that you want the very best motorcycle with all the best features, looking and feeling as good as possible. You want a motorcycle that has the best possible look and feel, good braking, and turns heads when you’re out and about too… However, motorcycles like that don’t come cheap so why not look at how a DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme—also known as an ERS—that can help reduce your motorcycle insurance, saving you money.

Through the enhanced rider scheme, a professional riding instructor will look at your riding skills and provide motorcycle training to help you improve on those riding skills and the motorcycle training you have already had. The DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme isn’t a pass or fail situation because there is no test, it is just an additional motorcycle training session that is designed to suit your individual needs and areas of required improvement.

You can take the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme if you have just passed your full motorcycle riding test, you have ridden your motorcycle for a while and think your riding skills may need a touch up, or if you are upgrading your existing motorcycle to a more powerful one; or if you just want to be sure your riding skills are the best they can possibly be. As long as you are a fully licenced , A2 or A1 motorcyclist and have passed your test you can successfully complete the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme.

To complete your DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme you will meet with an experienced and professional motorcycle trainer who will look at your riding skills in different traffic and road conditions to assess which areas of your riding needs improvement and where motorcycle training can be offered to get you up to scratch; on average you will need between one and two hours to complete your DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme and earn your DVSA Certificate of Competence. However, if the motorcycle riding instructor feels you need no further training you will be given a DVSA Certificate of Competence immediately with no further motorcycle training.

During your DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme, you could be improving your riding skills in areas like hazard identification, cornering, positioning, filtering, town riding, motorway riding, riding smoothly, negotiating bends and other similar areas where the professional instructor feels that motorcycle training will help improve your riding skills.

Once you have completed your DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme you will be given your DVSA Certificate of Competence; you will then need to call your insurance company and inform them that you have received your DVSA Certificate of Competence. Many insurance companies will offer a very noticeable discount on your current motorcycle insurance as your riding skills will now have been improved, and you will be a safer rider.

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