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What Is The DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)?

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If you have passed your motorcycle licence you can complete the enhanced rider scheme, also known as ERS. This is a scheme that will look at your motorcycle safe riding skills before providing you with professional motorcycle training to help you improve your riding skills to better your safety on the road. There’s no test to complete your DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) and once completed you will be able to gain reductions and savings on your motorcycle insurance.

As long as you are a fully licensed motorcyclist you can take the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS), it is an ideal scheme if you have recently passed your test, had a break for riding your motorcycle or if you have upgraded to a new motorcycle that is more powerful. It is also ideal if you would just like to know how good your driving standard is.

The DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) is a certificate for life and can gain you very worthwhile discounts on your motorcycle insurance when the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) is successfully completed.

When you complete your DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) with us you will be offered professional motorcycle training on a personal one on one basis and a personalised motorcycle training session if needed to improve on the areas where additional motorcycle training is needed. We will give you your own professional motorcycle training expert to ensure that your riding is more safe and enjoyable.

To successfully complete your DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) you will be partnered with a professional motorcycle training instructor who will give you advice on the basic principles of safe riding, making yourself visible to other road users and to create a better and safer presence on the road when you are on your motorcycle. You will also learn about how to get power from your motorcycle in a safe way along with motorcycle training tips on how you can improve your cornering skill and overtaking skills as well as much more.

The DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) doesn’t result in you passing or failing; you will be assessed on your riding and then offered professional motorcycle training to gain your DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS). We don’t think that everyone need the same professional motorcycle training session, instead it is moulded and bespoke to your riding skills and where improvement is needed.


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