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Summer Is Around the Corner, Ride Your Motorcycle Safely

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With summer just around the corner and those warmer days and lighter evenings it’s understandable you want to get out on your motorcycle and enjoy the better weather that the summer months have to offer– after all it’s the perfect weather for a motorcycle ride but there can be dangers.

If you have only just passed your motorcycle licence or motorcycle course you will know how much fun it is to take your motorcycle out for a spin, but you may not realise it can become dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions, or come across another on the road user who is not practising safe riding.

In this article we have put together some top tips for motorcycle safe riding and some professional motorcycle training tips too:

  • Yes, the summer months are warmer and you may want to pop your beach gear on; but if you want to practise safe riding you need to wear proper riding gear such as summer gloves, leather or textile well-ventilated motorcycle jacket, and a safety helmet as these items will protect you in case of a collision. You can always pop your beachwear on later.
  • Before setting off on your bike, make sure that you check whether everything is in working order, check the things you will have learnt about during your motorcycle course, and to pass your motorcycle licence—BLT, BOLTS, POWDDERS.
  • Have a look at your tires and if they look worn then get them replaced, if you have a tire blow out when you’re riding it can have catastrophic consequences for you. Even if you are following everything you’ve learnt in motorcycle training a tyre blow out could result in a serious accident.
  • Your friends may be enjoying the beer garden at your local pub, but if you thinking about joining them for a pint or more, don’t ride there; however, if you do ride there avoid the alcohol. Drinking alcohol can seriously inhibit your response time and you will struggle to practice the safe riding you have been taught in professional motorcycle training sessions.

Motorcycle safety and safe riding is paramount; these are just some professional motorcycle training tips to help you have many more summer riding days ahead of you.


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