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Scooters & Manual Bikes: Know the Difference

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If you are reading this, you’re probably either thinking about going through CBT, (aka compulsory basic training), or have made the decision to do so, but are a bit confused as to how scooters and manual bikes are each defined. You might even be debating between simply getting certification for riding a scooter, or getting […]

Tips For Riding On a Rainy Day

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If you’ve just obtained your certification but have yet to see a rainy day, don’t worry, one will come around, especially when living in the UK. Rainy days are inevitable, and while you might have protective gear on that keeps you safe on dry days, knowing how to ride your motorcycle in the rain is […]

Motorcycle Safety Equipment: Never Forget to Use It!

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There is something you definitely need to remember before getting out there on the London roads: your health and safety equipment.

Licence: Choose a Professional Motorcycle Training Company

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In order to ride a motorcycle in the UK, completing the CBT, or compulsory basic training is absolutely necessary to get your full motorcycle licence. But choosing a professional motorcycle training company can be a bit daunting as there are close to 500 companies that offer such training.

Motorcycle Safety: Winter

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Riding a motorcycle is fun for many folks, and many do not limit their ride time to the summer, spring or fall. In fact, a motorbike may be their chief mode of transportation to and from their workplace, year round. Either they do not have an operable enclosed vehicle, or they prefer to save money […]