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What is Your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)?

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A Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is a course that of professional motorcycle training and teaching of safe riding that needs to be completed by all new riders wanting to ride a moped or geared motorcycle. The Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is the first legal thing you need to do before you ride a moped or motorbike on the road, even with learner plates.

The Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is aimed at complete novices so is ideal for you if you have never ridden before. Our professional motorcycle training instructors will take you through all the elements of riding a moped or motorbike so you can learn safe riding whilst feeling happy and confident during the motorcycle training.

It is important to know that you need to be 16 years old or over and have a 50cc geared or automatic or 17 years old or over and ride a 125cc learner bike, geared or automatic to take the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

Throughout the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) you will be told about the legal part of riding, including things like insurance, MOT and licence requirements before learning about correct gear use and safe riding. You will be shown around your bike and learn what controls do what as well as the basic checks you should complete on your moped or motorcycle before riding it.

There is also practical on-site training included in the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, this will help you learn how to move off safely, observe correctly and build up your experience from slow riding to figures of eight and emergency breaking as well as turning left and right.

Also included in your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is classroom training on road safety, how to stay safe on the road, safe riding, the highway code and legalities before practical riding on the roads for at least two hours. During this time you will start with your professional motorcycle training instructor on quieter roads to build your confidence up for busier roads with more traffic. During the practical riding of the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) you will be fitted with a radio to and from the professional motorcycle training instructor.


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