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What Is The DVSA Certificate Of Competence?

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In this article we felt we would answer something our professional motorcycle training experts are often asked by those looking to pass their motorcycle course and gain a motorcycle licence through safe riding. We are going to talk about the DVSA Certificate of Competence, what it is and how you can get one.

The DVSA Certificate of Competence is an enhanced rider scheme that checks your safe riding skills on a motorcycle and provides you with the professional motorcycle training you need to improve your safe riding. There is no test to complete your DVSA Certificate of Competence but by completing this motorcycle course you can gain a discount through your motorcycle insurance.

Taking the certificate

You can only take the DVSA Certificate of Competence is you have passed your motorcycle licence and it is ideal for you if you have just passed your motorcycling test, if you are returning to motorcycling after a break, if you are upgrading your motorcycle to a more powerful motorcycle or if you want to check your safe riding standard.

When completing your DVSA Certificate of Competence you will have a rider assessment with a professional motorcycle training expert who will ride with you on different roads and in various traffic conditions. This will take around 1-2 hours which is long enough for your professional motorcycle training expert to assess your safe riding skills.

If, when completing this assessment nothing comes up where more professional motorcycle training is required you will receive your DVSA Certificate of Competence, however if there are areas for improvement you will be given personalised motorcycle training to improve your safe riding skills so you can gain your DVSA Certificate of Competence.

The type and amount of professional motorcycle training you require is purely dependent on your standard of safe riding and you could be offered no additional motorcycle training, shorter sessions of motorcycle training or a fully day course of professional motorcycle training. The cost of the DVSA Certificate of Competence scheme is purely dependant on the trainer and your professional motorcycle training needs.


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